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6 Benefits of a Ring or Nest Video Doorbell

Doorbell cameras are the way of the future.

They help to keep businesses and families safe, keep watch over the entire block in many cases, and provide unprecedented convenience.

The benefits of Ring and Nest cameras don’t end there. Here are six advantages of installing a smart video doorbell:

  • Give criminals a visual deterrent.

What better way to protect your people and property than by making it clear you’re keeping watch? Criminals are less likely to target homes and businesses that document their every move.

  • Provide valuable evidence to the authorities.

If you experience something suspicious, a video doorbell can make police officers’ job a whole lot easier. This is because you’ll likely have video evidence of the perpetrator.

  • Screen visitors before they enter the home or business.

In just a few swipes, you can determine exactly who is at your door—without the need to open up or even speak to the person standing outside. The safety benefits here are massive.

  • Determine who dropped by while you were away.

Video doorbells also make it easy to determine who might have come over while you were out. If it looks like someone was been casing your property, you’ll know!

  • Know exactly when packages have arrived.

Not everyone is equally susceptible to package theft, but these types of incidents can happen to the best of us. With a video doorbell, you can bring packages inside more promptly.

  • Save money on insurance.

A number of insurance providers work in partnership with manufacturers who offer security-related smart home tech—including video doorbells. This can result in real savings.

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