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3 Security Risks Businesses Face When Closed

So you own or operate a brick-and-mortar business.

You may be laser-focused during open hours: serving customers, keeping your space clean, and optimizing your security.

But what happens when you’re closed? The risks don’t end when you lock up for the night. To give your business the round-the-clock care it deserves, consider—and mitigate—the three following security risks:

1. Subpar security systems

A building in a questionable neighborhood will almost certainly benefit from tech like monitored cameras and video doorbells. Physical entry security is worth looking into as well.

If you’re at a lower risk of falling victim to a crime, you’ll still want to invest in a proper security system. For instance, those with lot of vacant land might want to hire patrols—or put up fencing—to keep trespassers out.

2. Concerned employees

Are your team members telling you they feel unsafe walking to their cars at night? Are they sharing problematic customer interactions they’ve had late in the evening or early in the morning?

Listen to them, believe what they say, and report any incidents to the authorities. By doing so, you can work to better understand the risks your business faces—and protect your employees the way they deserve.

3. Fires and disasters

Electrical shortages and broken water mains don’t only occur when you’re open. These problems can happen after hours as well. It’s important to have a plan in place to deal with disasters quickly—not only to reduce your liability, but to protect your people.

So up your protocol, get in touch with an expert provider, and stay at the cutting edge of modern security solutions. During open hours and when you’re closed, you’ll want to make sure you have everything covered.

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