Office Security Grand Rapids

Protecting your office should be a priority for all business owners. Often, when companies think about security, they focus on the online world but there are just as many physical dangers to be aware of. It's vital that you know who is coming in and out of the office at all times and you protect yourself from burglaries too. 


If you run a business in the Grand Rapids area and you don't have a comprehensive security plan in place, you are putting yourself at risk. Read on to find out more about why office security is so essential and how you can protect your business. Umbrella Security Services can help you secure your place of business in the greater Grand Rapids area. 

Why Is Office Security Important?

Protecting Against Burglaries

Burglaries can be incredibly costly for businesses. Not only do you have to replace any damaged or stolen equipment and stock, but you also lose time and money when staff can't get into work. Although your insurance will cover some of these costs, it's still a huge blow to your business and your premiums will increase in the future. However, a well-trained office security team acts as an excellent deterrent to any potential burglars. 

Data Protection

Laptops often contain sensitive client information such as client lists and financial documents so it's important that they're well protected. You may want to invest in laptop security locks which will stop people from gaining access to information if laptops are stolen. But prevention is the best defense, so it's crucial that you stop any thefts from happening in the first place. 


Sensitive information can be stolen by people outside of the business but it can also be stolen by employees. An office security team can protect against both of these threats and make sure that sensitive material always stays in the office. 

Managing Access To The Building

Whether you have a small office on your own or you run a large company, it's vital that only authorized employees gain access to the building. A comprehensive security system will ensure that people are vetted before they are given access to the building and their identification is checked each time they enter.


Key cards and code locks on doors can perform this function, to an extent. However, they are open to manipulation and problems with lost keys etc can pose a security risk. It's much safer to have an office security team on the door at all times to ensure that only authorized employees enter the building.

Prevent Vandalism

Vandalism is another costly problem that can arise if you don't have effective security measures in place. Graffiti and broken windows are incredibly expensive to repair so it's vital that you keep these issues to a minimum. The best way of doing this is by having an office security team on hand, to act as deterrents against any vandalism. 

Investigate Employee Theft

Office security can also help you to detect employee theft. This is a huge problem for businesses and it costs them millions of pounds every year. Office security staff will investigate any incidents of theft and they will be great at identifying culprits. They can also provide invaluable evidence that you need if you decide to take action against an employee. 

Making Employees Feel Safe 

It's important that your employees feel safe at all times. This is especially true if they work late or go into the office on their own. Security cameras and 24/7 monitoring can make them feel as though they're less exposed and vulnerable at night time and on weekends. 


Productivity can be affected if your staff don't feel safe at work. But when there is a security team on hand to deal with any problems, people will feel at ease, even when working late at night. 

The Best Ways To Protect Your Business

If you own a business in the Grand Rapids area and you want to ensure that it is protected from any potential threats, having a strong office security plan in place is vital. Simple changes like CCTV or more secure entry systems can help here, but they only go so far.


Although cameras can act as a deterrent and will put some criminals off, experienced burglars can often find a way around these security measures. However, a uniformed security guard positioned outside the door or patrolling the building acts as a much greater deterrent and drastically reduces the chances of break-ins and vandalism. 


There are two fundamental ways to protect your office that can be performed by an external team.


The first is around the clock monitoring of your office, meaning that any unauthorized access to your business will be stopped immediately. This includes break-ins and vandalism, among other things, meaning you'll have fewer issues to deal with in the long run.


Secondly, you need a security team that is capable of investigating any potential issues, especially things like employee theft. This investigation isn't limited to finding out whether or not thefts have occurred and who the perpetrators are though. It can also mean identifying potential security problems before they become bigger issues, meaning that your security team may actually end up saving you money in the long run.


Uniformed security guards can also act in a customer service role at your business too. If someone comes to visit you at your office, you are no longer obliged to meet them in person. An external security team can act as intermediaries instead, meaning that you don't ever have to leave the comfort of your own office. This provides a sense of professionalism and puts visitors at ease because they know that the building is being protected by well-trained security guards. 


If you are looking for office security solutions for your business in the Grand Rapids area, we are here to help. We provide a range of security services and we can tailor a package to suit your individual needs. So, whether you are concerned about break-ins, vandalism, or employee theft, our team can keep your business safe. 


All of our security guards are trained and licensed, so they know exactly how to react in any situation, even dangerous ones. If you are concerned about your office security, get in touch today to discuss how we can help.