Muskegon, MI Security

Umbrella Security Services services Muskegon, Michigan. Our security  services can be provided for events, venues, and businesses and include uniformed/plain-clothed security and armed security. Additional services include drones, private investigation, and background screening to help protect your business.. Here are the various security services we offer that protect your business.

Muskegon Event Security 


Event security can greatly enhance the safety of your public or private event.. We offer event security for:


  • Festivals, 

  • Fashion Shows, 

  • Expos and Trade Shows, 

  • Sporting Events, 

  • Concerts, Expos and Conferences

  • Private Parties


The number of security guards you hire and the type of security will often depend upon the venue, crime in the area, and other mitigating factors. We allow access control to make sure that all of your guests are of age and that we have reviewed their credentials. We can make sure that people are not bringing in alcohol or other items and we can also make sure that emergency response services are available.

Muskegon Uniformed/Plain-Clothed Security 

Businesses, venues, and events depend upon Umbrella Security Services to provide them with plain-clothed and uniformed security. Here, we help with asset protection, investigations, observation and monitoring, crowd control, patrols, and searches. Business owners will be able to make sure that visitors are not committing crime, like theft, have their property patrolled on a regular basis, and have access points to the property restricted. 


In addition to preventing property crimes, security is a major contributor to customer service. Our security guards can make customers feel safer, direct them through the parking lot at night, and respond to any issue that arises immediately. 

Muskegon Armed Security

Armed security helps prevent property and personal crimes from happening. Our armed security guards are required to have extensive background training, pass a federal background check before working for any of our clients, and have the right certification to respond to any type of incident.  Our team of armed guards are trained on descalation and defensive tactics. They also have the latest tactical training, when it comes to firearms and restraints. Do you need armed security? That depends on whether or not your property has valuable property and the crime level in the area. 

Executive Security in Muskegon

High-level members in your organization typically need customized, discreet, and professional security. We offer executives:


  • In-office protection

  • Security home

  • Protection on the road

  • Security in public

  • Covert protection and surveillance

  • Emergency protection services


We offer secure vehicles and certified drivers, as well. This is an additional perk of working with Umbrella's executive security services.

Muskegon PI, Background Checks, and Drones

We also do services that don’t involve guards directly, including investigations, background checks, and drones. 

Muskegon Private Investigation 


Umbrella also offers:


  • Scene Investigators: These investigators investigate an incident after it has happened. 

  • Private Investigation: This service helps you investigate suspicious behavior and the backgrounds of individuals for personal and professional reasons. 

  • Claims Investigations: This service helps businesses, like insurance companies, determine if someone is taking advantage of a claim. 


Muskegon Background Checks

Background checks are important for employers, landlords, and for private individuals. We help you make sure that an individual is stable, both criminally and financially, before you rent to them or hire them for a job. If you have a specific business type, we can also customize your background check. 

Drones For Muskegon

Drones can help secure any type of event, venue, or property and are very unique. They are often used along with standard security involving guards. Drones are often unnoticeable and in some ways are better than a camera system because they are mobile. 

Why Hire a Security Company in Muskegon

Muskegon is pretty safe overall and is one of the better cities in Michigan in terms of crime. Muskegon tends to have a crime rate that is lower than the majority of American cities. Also, the likelihood of a violent crime is 1 in 114 or property crime is 1 in 28. Having a company on your side like Umbrella Security Services can help your business, events, and property be safer.