Festival Security Grand Rapids

Conferences and festivals are a frequent staple in the greater Grand Rapids area. Umbrella Security Services can help you make sure that your festival participants feel safe, ensure proper admission into the event, and even help with emergency action plans. Work with Umbrella Security Services if you are going to be hosting a festival and need security services. 

Safety As Priority

The authorities hire different types of security services that are well-equipped to handle festival crowds. Some may think that festival security only includes the guards standing at every corner with riot gear. Still, it is much more than that. There is professional festival security in Grand Rapids, MI. They are primarily trained to take on difficult situations which may arise inside or outside an event location. These festival security guards or bouncers make sure safety remains intact throughout the festival. As festival events are mostly held outdoors, festival security staff must have adequate training and knowledge on situations that may take place outside a venue.

Access Control

Another type of festival security guard is the one who watches over festival-goers inside the event. Event producers hire festival event security services to help control people going in and out of a festival site or location. This kind of particular fest security ensures proper authorizations are required before entering an area where festival-goers can access. In some cases, this type of fest security will be accompanied by another kind of festival event staff, the traffic management personnel specially trained to guide pedestrians from one point to another. When it gets too crowded at some regions of a concert site, festival security staff will be alerted to control the festival crowd. These festival event guards are trained in handling festival-goers' care, especially those intoxicated with alcohol or drugs. They also ensure festival-goers do not bring in certain items prohibited inside a festival site. Like most security services, festival event security staff is tasked to maintain proper cleanliness levels at all times.

During the 1960s and 1970s, several festival crashes caused problems for patrons and festival organizers alike. As a solution, several temporary fences used as barricades were installed where necessary to prevent people from falling off cliffs or into water. To help keep everyone safe during these events, several companies offer fencing, parking enforcement, and traffic management.

Crowd Flow

Another type of festival security is called traffic control services. These guards help regulate festival crowd flow to a specific area or event location by often stopping people from going into a festival site or leaving during a scheduled break. The process of parking and directing cars during one of these events must be well coordinated to avoid any form of accidents occurring on festival grounds. During large-scale festivals, festival organizers tend to hire even more festival traffic management personnel to ensure no problems with public safety, especially when it comes to pedestrian traffic. In this case, festival staff work closely with local police officers for assistance if needed.

Preventative Action

One area where some producers have been combating the problem of festival crime is by hiring festival security services. This kind of fest security looks out for any festival goer willing to cause trouble during an event. In addition, these festival guards are instructed to stop anyone from carrying illegal drugs or other prohibited items into a festival site location.

The types of festival securities offered include festival compliance services and festival VIP security, among others. These festivals have become more prominent than before, and as such extra precautions should be taken to keep everyone safe. It is up to the producers or event holders who need a venue or festival site secured against any form of criminal activity, especially those coming from inside the festival grounds themselves.

Job Creation

With all these new types of festival jobs available, there has been a rise in festival employment. Festival security services require hiring people who are fit to handle festival-goers and can manage traffic effectively.

Bespoke Training

Festival event staff are properly trained to be the personnel responsible for ensuring that festival visitors have appropriate authorizations before entering an area they will be able to access. This type of fest security training provides proper approvals, which are required before entering a site where festival-goers can access. In some cases, this type of fest security training will be accompanied by another kind of festival event staff training module, the traffic management personnel special training to guide pedestrians from one point to another. When it gets too crowded at some regions of a concert site, festival security staff will be alerted to control the festival crowd or reroute festival-goers to a more suitable area. Festival event staff also receive training and development to help festival security create a list of peace officers working during the duration of an event.

Crew Types

Several types of festival crews can be hired, all catering to different events or festival venues. These include festival employees, photography fest equipment rental, and festival vendors, among others. Festival employment agencies also come in to help find people with enough qualifications for specific positions at festivals. For example, someone looking for work at music festivals will need photo festival equipment, sound systems, and other relevant tools to handle this type of concert site job.

Another type is fashion or photo fest equipment rental companies that rent clothing items needed when shooting photos at fashion shows or photo festival equipment needed during fashion events. 

Typical Service Offering

  • Security guard services

  • Staff management, including security staff management training

  • Noise level monitoring for concerts and live shows

  • Security checkpoint and perimeter fencing for event venues

  • Event venue traffic control

  • Crowd management services for live shows, festivals, and concerts

  • Crowd management using a police line for a festival or concert crowd control

  • Security evacuation planning services for festivals and concerts

  • Person intercept screening for event venues, which includes bag checks and wand metal detector screenings.

Festival Tips

Festival tips for festival-goers include always following the festival rules and regulations, not showing up to an event drunk, and not driving under the influence of drugs if attending festivals requiring drinking alcohol and other prohibited drug activities. Remember that the rules are in place for everyone’s safety.