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Executive Protection

Professional, Discreet Executive Security

As an enterprise, your executive members are your most important assets. This is why executive-level employees deserve personal security and protection. Unfortunately, high risk often comes with having high-profile personnel on your roster. The burden of protecting the safety and privacy of high-profile members of your organization is not to be taken lightly. When you bring in Umbrella Security, you're getting proactive, predictive "close" and "inconspicuous" security tailored for the needs of your organization's high-profile members.


Umbrella Security specializes in providing personalized, location-specific executive protection for high-level members of your organization. Rest assured that our security firm will manage your security needs with the confidentially and discretion required. Our team understands the unique threats and challenges that are in play based on your industry, the size of your company, sensitive geopolitical locations, and other factors that go into making a person a highly visible, highly vulnerable target.


Umbrella Security employs strategies for diminishing risk. Besides providing individual protection, our services also extend to helping our clients protect their families, properties, and financial values. We offer:

  • In-office protection.

  • Home protection at primary and secondary residences.

  • Travel protection.

  • Red carpet/public event protection.

  • Protective surveillance.

  • Covert protection.

  • Emergency protection services for urgent, developing threats.

  • Crisis coverage.

  • Emergency evacuations.


As part of our secure travel services, Umbrella Security is capable of providing security drivers and vehicles. Our protective personnel can accompany a client anywhere in the world. We provide access to both staffed guards and vetted partners as part of our worldwide security services. We also offer traveler tracking and support for emergency evacuations.


As experienced security experts, we understand that a plan for keeping a high-profile individual secure goes much deeper than simply having bodies present. That's why we work with our clients to deliver consulting services for the development and implementation of tailored executive protection programs.

Who We Work With

We work with high-profile organizations and corporations around the country to assist them with building or fortifying their executive protection programs. If you have emerging security needs revolving around your high-profile, high-value employees, bring us in to help oversee the following:

  • Risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments (RTVAs).

  • Designing a custom executive security program.

  • Staffing a custom executive security program.

  • Managing security protocols.


Umbrella Security is here to help your enterprise assess, diminish and prevent risk. We offer worldwide executive security for seamless surveillance and protection. Our borderless security services ensure that your enterprise's executive leadership or high-profile members can enjoy protection without lapses using a single security provider.


Contact us for a consultation today.

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