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Event Security

We help keep your crowd safe

The responsibility of keeping a crowd safe is something that every venue manager, event coordinator, and corporate host takes on as soon as the date is set for an event. Do you know what your security rating is? Don't wait until you're tested in a real-world scenario to discover that you don't have enough "boots on the ground." It takes collaboration, organization, and dedication to securely manage crowd influx at an event.


When people show up for an event, the last thing they want to think about is being vulnerable to security threats. As a host, you must leave nothing to chance by bringing in trained security experts capable of providing point-by-point fortification of your venue. Let event security guards from Umbrella Security be your eyes and ears in the crowd.

Our Responsibilities Are Many

When you work with Umbrella Security, you're getting professionalism and reliability at every step. We take the security of your guests seriously. We're also committed to helping you bring in the level of security necessary to protect your professional reputation against issues stemming from lax security measures, poorly vetted guards and oversights that can lead to liability. Our services are fully customizable based on the specifics of your event. Here are some of the event security services that we provide.


  • Access Control. We ensure the safety of your event by checking the credentials of visitors and guests.

  • Security Checks. Scan persons' belongings as they enter the premises.

  • Emergency Response. Provide a fast emergency response when needed.

Events | Umbrella Security Services

We Cover All Kinds of Events

Umbrella Security provides trustworthy, high-competency security services that allow you to provide a secure environment at your event. Due to our extensive roster of trained security professionals, we're able to cover events of all sizes and genres. Here are just a few of the events that we cover:

  • Festivals

  • Fashion shows

  • Expos and trade shows

  • Sporting events

  • Concerts

  • Expos and conferences

  • Private parties

​Our highly trained, security guards are experts at securing perimeters, monitoring crowds, managing entry points, managing exits, and much more. When you task us with security at your event, we'll show up prepared. We'll also work with you to create an event-specific, location-specific plan for engineering a safe, secure, and highly monitored environment with a strong security presence that instills peace of mind without creating alarm.

Let our fully insured, reliable security firm help you bring peace of mind to your next event. Contact us for an event security consultation today.

Events | Umbrella Security Services
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