Concert Security Grand Rapids

Umbrella Security Services is an event security company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan that can help with providing a well-run, well-organized, and safe concert for your event goers. Whenever a problem or an unwanted incident comes up at an event like this, whether there was security or not, the level of security is always questioned, before the actions of the perpetrators are thought about. This is why it is essential to hire a reliable security firm to keep concert-goers safe while making sure everyone can enjoy their experience.

Umbrella Security Services can help with crowd control, checking bags and individuals at the gate, and to make sure that your concert goers feel safe and comfortable. 

Crowd Control, Admissions, and Assistance

Concerts typically involve a large number of people and require, as a rule of thumb, 1 security professional for every 100 guests. These crowds are all gathering in one confined space, and trying to get as close to the stage and their favorite music acts as they can. With this desire to get to the front comes a greater risk of overcrowding in spaces that might not be able to safely hold the number of people trying to occupy it. This can lead to accidents, injuries, or in extreme cases, even fatal crowd crushes. Even if accidents don’t occur, overcrowding is unpleasant and can be stressful and upsetting for attendees caught in the crowd.


To counteract the risk of overcrowding and crushes, you need to be sure to put in place strong, sturdy, and effective security barriers around the venue to keep people where they’re supposed to be. These barriers should be monitored by adequate numbers of concert security staff who can keep an eye on the crowd levels, and take action quickly if overcrowding is becoming an issue. 


Security can also take care of crowd control as people arrive at and leave the venue, which are common times for problems with overcrowding. With security, the crowd can keep moving, allowing everyone to get in and out safely, with minimal delays. We also help with credential identification, making sure that those in attendance have paid for their ticket and can help with age identification for any alcoholic beverages that are sold at your event. 

Avoid Recreational Drugs Being Circulated

Festivals and music concerts have always been a particular hotspot for recreational, often illegal, drug use. This is especially common on large-scale festivals where many attendees are camping on site. These recreational drugs can be circulated many times during the duration of the concert or festival if the problem is not picked up by security. 


Drug-taking on-site can cause a range of problems, from attendees, becoming incapacitated, ill, injured, or argumenative. It can also cause legal problems for the event organizer. As a concert organizer, you need to put concert security in place and make sure they will be diligent and thorough with drug checks and searches. These checks should be carried both on the way into the concert venue or festival grounds, and through security patrols around the area, looking out any signs of drug activity, such as drug-taking or dealing, that is taking place. 

Umbrella Security services can help with the following:


  • Checking bags and persons at the entry to your concert.

  • Making sure that no illicit drugs or substances make it into the concert. 

  • Ensuring that patrons are free to enjoy your concert as they’d like. 

To Give Attendees Reassurance

Any festival or concert security guard or member of security staff should be seen as being responsible and authoritative. This helps to give those attending the event some peace of mind that they are in safe hands under their guidance, and that they will be kept safe while they enjoy their time at the concert. With this in mind, every member of your concert security team should always feel confident that they can be of assistance to anyone who needs help, even if they aren’t necessarily the best person to ask about a problem. They should be ready to answer questions and direct concert-goers to the best person to help them, whatever the issue may be. Your event security should also be able to speak to anyone who may have an inquiry in a friendly manner, that is not regarded as threatening or intimidating. People skills are important for concert security. 


Visible security makes people feel safer, and also gives them somewhere to take questions and concerns that they might have, whether they need directions to the toilets, or have seen someone bringing in drugs. Make sure your team is prepared for both sides of the job. 


Umbrella Security Services also provide a certain level of customer service in case people have questions, need assistance, or need help with an emergency.

To Maintain The Reputation Of The Organizers

If a concert has poor security, the event is likely to gain a bad reputation for being poorly run and unsafe to attend. This poor reputation will end up detracting from the music that the attendees have paid to see and end up affecting their ability to have a good time at your event. This can cause some real problems for organizers, as the concert is less likely to appeal to fans at the time, but can also end up causing much lower attendance and ticket sales for events in the future if people see it is the same organizer. 


If an event has a low level of security and attendees don’t feel safe, there are likely to leave negative reviews of the concert, which could lead to lower ticket et sales for future events by the same organizer or at the same venue, and a loss of future business for the security company that was used for the concert. This is why a high level of concert security is very important for keeping people safe, making people feel safe, and for the future reputations of the organizations who are involved in running the concert or festival.