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Armed Security

Umbrella Security provides armed security guards for high-profile, high-sensitivity situations that require firearms expertise. The presence of our trained guards can help your enterprise to establish consistent safety protocols for preventing unauthorized access, theft, or destruction. In addition, our guards are capable of neutralizing threats to employees, visitors, and customers.


Using a mix of live observation and camera monitoring, Umbrella Security guards exercise tactics for detecting, stopping, and demobilizing threats. Our armed guards can provide the highest level of security with the highest peace of mind by implementing the following protocols:

  • All Umbrella Security armed security guards complete a firearm training program.

  • All Umbrella Security armed security guards must pass federal background checks before being qualified to work at any property.

  • Our guards are specifically trained to respond to unusual situations or emergencies.

  • Our guards follow established protocols for de-escalation and defensive tactics.

  • Our guards attain and maintain proficiency for all assigned weapons, protective equipment, and restraint devices.

For many of our clients, armed security guards provide the level of security needed for highly sensitive sites with uncompromising security needs. Armed guards can enforce regulations and directives regarding authorized access to protect a site from breaches, theft, or destruction of property. In addition to manning entries and exits, armed guards can conduct site tours to check for any irregularities. As part of our comprehensive services, our armed guards provide clients with detailed reports of their shifts.


Let us know all about your needs for armed guards when you book a consultation today.

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