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Aerial and Aquatic Drones

You need your site secured, your staff protected and your customers safeguarded. Elevate your security to a level above the bad guys by deploying a certified FAA drone operator equipped with the latest in aerial or aquatic drone technology to your site. We have both aerial and aquatic drones as well as fully certified and insured drone operators to ensure you are receiving the highest quality service possible. 


Aerial drones are an incredibly versatile service that fits into many security packages. Large-scale events? Deploy a drone to monitor large crowds while obtaining high-quality promotional videos at the same time! Are you having break-ins and don’t want to hire full-time security? Hire 1-hour drone patrols equipped with thermal imaging equipment to prevent any chance of a subject evading the aerial patrol. Monitor your construction site with a bird's eye view to prevent delays, ensure site security and provide progress documentation to your clients!


Aquatic drones are great for boat, pier and dock inspections as well as lost equipment and item searches, We can provide you with a quality inspection that the competition simply cannot match with underwater and aerial inspections.


Contact us and let us elevate your project to new heights!

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