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Alcohol Tobacco Compliance

Doing everything we can to assure you should never face:

Harm to Community Reputation

Perhaps no single event can tarnish, or even destroy entirely, a business' reputation in a community more severely than being busted for selling age-restricted items to underage individuals.

From local, even national, media ridicule through boycotts to protests, almost anything can happen when caught empty-handed without a customer's proper form of identification.

Lawsuits, Fines, Loss of License

Business owners share one thing in common - they want to stay profitable and open.

Expensive fines, lawsuits, court fees can tear away at any business' bottom lines.

If cited with Violations Several times by the State o Michigan, a business can lose its license or right for sale of any such items for either a definitive or even indefinite, period of time.

The Umbrella Security Service ATC Program includes randomized site checks with feedback cards. Our by-appearance "underage" yet legal individuals can be on-site as-many-times-as-you-line, at $23.50 each visit you will not find a more affordable option on the market. Bars, shops, stores, or entertainment centers - you name it, we can be there.

We keep thorough, accurate, private records of your staff's performance in our site checks, which you can request for review, any time. If one of your employees fail in our evaluation, we will immediately seek to notify either you or one of your management team and offer training to that employee for corrective action.

Our staff contains individuals who once worked for government agencies dong the same investigative work. These professionals understand the stress of a court proceeding, and, if requested, may be able to testify on your behalf*.


We want you to be able to focus on doing what you do best - running your business, organization, or event smoothly.

*Special rates may apply. Availability not guaranteed.

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